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A host is a business location that allows a Digital Sign (Billboard System) to be placed on their wall or waiting area with the intent of advertising. This location needs to have INTERNET so the ads can be controlled remotely. Digi Advertise You is always looking for new places to install our Digital Billboards with great traffic and the right demographic of people. Do you have a location suitable for hosting a Digital Billboard?

Host Benefits

Host Advertising

As a Host, you will get a fully customized, split screen Digital Billboard with editing capabilities, whether to place a Menu Items, Specials, Events, Sale on Products or Services, up to three (3) Free Graphic Design per month as well as FREE Advertisement on systems in the network they belong to. We call this "Host Advertising" which is a FREE perk for investing in a system in the first place.


Any Host Partnership Digi Advertise You secures, will increase the network range and reach of our Digital Advertisement Network by placing a Indoor Digital Billboard system in the local communities where everyday people congregate.


FREE advertisement on all Network Locations of Indoor Digital Billboards in your area. Your Ad will not be place within a business conflicting location.


Join our happy customers who use Digi Advertise You to promote their businesses while profiting at the same time.