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Cloud-Based Digital Signage

Intuitive. No IT background needed. Easy to get started. Everything you need to create and manage digital signage campaigns. From slideshows to engaging social walls, use Digi Advertise You digital signage software to design media-rich content that is engaging, live and dynamic. Digi Advertise You runs on Windows, Android, and Chrome OS devices.

Why Digi Advertise You?

1. All-In-One Digital Signage Software

20+ drag-and-drop widgets, comprehensive scheduling, robust reports dashboard and device status monitoring.

2. Cloud-Based

No server management, no complicated software installation, no IT headaches.

3. Straightforward

The sign-up process is simple and self-explanatory. Once signed up, you can start creating and managing your digital signage content.

All-In- One Cloud-based Digital Signage