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Digital Signage Widgets & Apps

Straightforward and easy to add widgets that will bring your content to life! Digi Advertise You cloud-based digital signage software includes a rich tool chest of easy-to-use widgets for the creation of media-rich dynamic content. You do not have to be a graphic designer or have an IT background.


Total Simplicity with Drag & Drop Widgets

Choose from over 20+ widgets are simple one-click set-up and can be fully customized to meet your exact requirements. Popular widgets include:

  • Scrolling news feeds
  • Multi-component slideshows
  • Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
  • HD videos and Ustream
  • Website Integrations
  • Custom text tickers
  • Live weather and world clock
  • Interactive polls and virtual queue
  • Google Slides, Google Sheets
  • Touchscreen

Point, Click, Drag and then Drop

If you have ever made a PowerPoint slide, then you are already a pro at creating content with Digi Advertise You You simply select the widget of your choice and drop it in the area that you want it to play. You can then resize, adjust settings, add media or text and with the click of a button your content will be live on the screen.

 Live Widgets: real-time and live, these widgets stream from the web

Media Widgets: high definition and engaging, these will bring your content to life

Essential Widgets: you could not make anything without these

Fun Widgets: engaging and interactive

Social Widgets: very popular, these widgets are easy to implement and fun