Digital Signage for Healthcare

A better way to easily share information with your patients and staff

Strengthen your patient relationships while improving visit experiences

Because better communication is vital to your operations the medical facilities around the world are turning to digital signage for hospitals to:

  • Improve experiences: spotlight services, promote events, and spotlight community outreach
  • Reduce perceived wait times:display fun videos, health notifications, scrolling news and more
  • Enhance staff communications:HR news, share training videos, employee of the month, etc.
  • Educate and involve: display seasonal wellness tips and common cold best practices

Healthcare digital signage is a powerful new tool that when used increases patient satisfaction, advances the way you communicate with your staff all while reducing the need to print and post new signage.

Using our all-in-one Digital Signage Software for healthcare, you can create and edit content that contains health-related information, seasonal medical alerts, insurance bulletins, vaccine news and more! 

Create a Better Waiting Experience

Digital signage for waiting rooms in doctor offices, clinics and other medical practices are a great way to reduce the perceived waiting times for your patients, provide welcoming messages and over registration instructions.

Communicate Better with Patients

Utilize a combination of vibrant graphics, HD videos and engaging slides for your waiting room digital signage. Add rich, informative content to reduce perceived wait times while ensuring patients and staff see your most important messages.

Internal Communications

Place digital signs in your breakrooms, cafeteria and staff stations to gain a valuable opportunity to communicate with your staff. Display general occupancy information, spotlight employee of month, recognition and birthdays.

A Comprehensive Solution for the Healthcare Industry

Ideal for: Doctor’s Offices | Dental Practices | Clinics | Hospitals | Waiting Rooms

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