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Indoor Billboard Advertising

The Greatest Innovation to Advertising since the World Wide Web

Clients will benefit from the power and impact of television advertising without the annoyance factor of interruptive TV commercials. Your prospects cannot change the channel or ‘fast forward’ your ad.

Clients will get the advantage of billboard advertising — only better– because outdoor billboards are seen an average of 6 seconds, while Digital Indoor Ads get 15 seconds of ‘airtime’ — repeatedly, every hour of everyday!

You reap the rewards of word-of-mouth advertising as people who see your ad tell others who may be interested in purchasing your products and services. Businesses that use the latest innovative forms of advertising are perceived as more credible and current than those who refuse to keep up with the times. Staying ahead of your competition has never been easier.

Additional Benefits

  • Ad Visibility: Your ad will be seen by thousands of potential clients on a monthly basis
  • Visibility: Your company name and information will be listed on this website along with and links back to your website.

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