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A powerful ad will get your company noticed. This is why it is extremely important to pay attention to every detail of your ad.

Effective Ad Design In-Effective Ad Design

Please remember that each type of media is different, so it is not a good idea to use a newspaper advertisement on a billboard. There are several different aspects of billboard advertisements. Here is some information and several designing tips to help you create a perfect billboard ad.

Billboard Copy:
Our billboard ads rotate every 15 seconds. This is why it is very important to state your message as quick as possible. A good rule is to use about 10 to 20 words in your entire ad! Your message must be very short so it can be easily read and recorded by people who are interested in your product or services. This is why it is very important to only include the most important information on a billboard.

Your Billboard Ad should include:
• The name of your business
• Contact Information: Telephone Number, Web-Site Address, and or Physical Address
• A brief amount of directional information that can lead people from the billboard to your business.
You may also include one of the following:
• A brief description of your company
• A slogan – Try to make your slogan easy to understand, and be sure that it relates to your product. (Learn more about slogans)
• Benefits of your product: What does your product have that your competitors similar product does not have? How is your product better than your competitor? The answers to these questions are your most important benefits.

* Remember to use as few words as possible. Dwelling on one particular area will bore potential customers. A simple, catchy, easy to read ad will be remembered for a long time.

Copy Styles:
Size is also very important. Your copy must be big and clear in order to be read easily. Most people make their name bigger and bolder than everything else so it will stand out.. Use a font that is very clear, and easy to read. If you have to look at a word(s) for longer than 3 seconds, it is not clear enough. Thick letter styles are also more effective than thin, fancy fonts. Be creative with your fonts, but make sure they can be read easily and quickly.

Billboard Graphics:
Choose common graphics, like a photograph of your building, or if you sell cars, put a picture of your best seller on your billboard. These advertisements will work, but unique, creative billboards will get the most attention. Use a graphic that will make people take a second look at your ad.
No matter what type of graphics you decide to put on your billboard, be sure they are big enough to be seen easily from six feet away. The smaller the screen, the bigger your graphics need to be.

There are no correct or incorrect colors to use on billboards. Yellow and red are great colors for important information because they are attention getters. However, black and yellow ads get the most results. One color rule is to contrast the background and the copy. For example, if your background is dark, use light copy and vice versa. Don’t put red copy on an orange background because these colors are too similar you will never see or be able to read the text. You must be careful don’t used too many colors, outlines, etc. because this will make your advertisement harder to read. Visual clutter is one of the most common design mistakes. Chaotic looking billboards will cause people to look away.

By now you should have all the information you need and more. You’ll need to present the entire ad as simply and clutter-free as possible.
Simplifying things may mean that you have to prioritize things and only keep the most important items. This will not be an easy task, but it is definitely the most important one.

Last Minute Tips:
• Focus your copy on the buyer. Use the word “you.”
• Construct short sentences and short paragraphs. It will make the copy read more quickly.
• Use the active voice not the passive. For example, “You fly away to the island” instead of, “You will be flying away to the island.”
• Make key benefits and product advantages stand out by bulletin or using bold type.
• Don’t try to make your ad appeal to everyone. Design your layout so it will appeal to your target market. Your ad response rate will be greater this way.

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